• Go-to-market and sales enablement

    for small and medium sized companies in digital health, insurance or supply chain

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    GTM/partnerships enablement and new innovation capacity building for small and medium sized businesses with deep expertise in digital health, insurance, and supply chain products with a focus on AI/ML innovation.

    Over the last 5 years, worked with 15+ SMBs and small product innovation/engineering teams on GTM launch, sales and partnerships enablement on various products in the US, UK and Germany. Founder and Executive Advisor: Chaney Ojinnaka, MBA




  • Track record


    Go To Market (GTM) product launches


    Consumers reached


    Enterprise and Ecosystem Partnerships

  • Collaterals

    Partnerships enablement: 103 page presentation on GTM partnerships/product development strategy

    Company: Athenahealth

    Segment: Electronic Health IT

    Marketing + Partnerships. GTM marketing infographic for health plans and transport supply chain 

    Company: Acuity Link

    Segment: NEMT Transportation and Supply Chain

    Partnerships enablement and leads generation. Value proposition benefits slide in 42 page deck for payer market access strategy

    Company: Klara

    Segment: Telehealth

    Tremendously helpful with our US expansion and market positioning. Simon Lorenz. Co-Founder/CEO, Klara

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