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  • Why Us

    Staying ahead of the curve to meet shareholders mandates is not easy. This is more pronounced in 2020 as the digital health market matures with lower barriers to entry. We are on a mission to enable health technology and life science companies innovate and optimize processes on digital health products while navigating growth, market access, regulation and compliance challenges in the industry.


    Our Managing Partner, Chaney Ojinnaka has navigated such challenges for Fortune Global insurer, medical devices and high growth digital health firms. A corporate intrapreneur, product and digital transformation expert, he has led the development and optimization of new and existing products and solutions for some of the most innovative health companies in the US and globally. His particular area of expertise addresses how organizations can be agile and adapt to changes in payer/insurance reimbursement, increasing privacy and compliance requirements in handling enterprise consumer data for artificial intelligence (AI) and hardware (IoT) innovations, and ensuring the best customer experience in products such as remote monitoring, connected health and personalized medicine. He has over a decade of experience in product management, strategic partnerships and customer relationship management at firms such as Aetna (a CVS company), Humana and high growth technology startups. With an MBA from the University of Chicago, he is also adjunct lecturer of Product Data Management and Analytics at NYU, a mentor at Techstars and has published numerous white papers and opinion articles in leading publications.

  • Services

    Partnerships and Business Development

    In today’s hyper competitive market, integrated partnerships is a great way to get ahead in digital health. With so many digital health new entrants in the last five years, filtering through the landscape is one challenge while getting the most promising partners to the negotiating table is another feat. Most challenging is figuring out what a deal looks like to incentive your partner and capture the most value, for example is it revenue share, white labelling/licensing, joint venture or acquisition.

    Product Scaling

    With compliance regulation and vertical integration taking place among the largest insurers, medical device and life science firms, exploring effective products and business models is one sure way to survive. Guided by the market, data and industry experience on what works, we’ll work with your product team and review the current product portfolio, identifying quick win product feature enhancements and a roadmap that will meet consumer, payer interests and meet CMS/FDA/HIPAA compliance requirements.

    Digital Transformation

    Evaluating success of existing solutions to determine digital transformation needs can be challenging considering big data volumes and noise especially in areas such as health records, billing/claims, messaging and personalization. We can support your team in how to use internal data, external data, optimal database structure and development resources in machine learning and model development.

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