• Delivering on AI Innovation Programs

    At the intersection of Health, Insurance and Supply Chain

  • Working Together

    Research shows that when you equip talent to build new innovation, pilots or outcomes based analytics solutions, the benefits are tremendous for you as an enterprise. Whether you are working on accelerating external OR internal talent teams, we are here for you.


    Programs designed for clients in the past include remote monitoring/IoT pilot programs, health transportation telematics pilot, supply chain risk dashboards and tech for social good with strong emphasis on data cyber security and optimizing HIPAA/GDPR privacy.




  • Partnering with YOU on Program Development

    New Data Innovation Incubation

    • Brief development and program design
    • Data curation - hypothesis development/testing framework
    • Vendor/developers selection, data partner landscape, sourcing
    • Implementation support, training and handoff

    for Insurance (Insurtech) and Supply Chain product innovation teams

    Pilot Development

    • Concept design and brief development
    • ROI creation and use case research 
    • Academic or research partner sourcing, data curation, testing framework
    • Data model harmonization/optimization, alongside your team 
    • Senior management, engineering and operations team evangelism.

    for small R&D and Science teams

  • How We Work


    Brief Design

    Meet with your team; understand the effort;

    research; culminated in brief design


    Curate + Test Data

    Curate internal, public and or partner data and build quality test criteria/scripts


    Launch + Training

    Development is never complete until knowledge is transferred. Training is at the pinnacle of our work.

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